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The Side Event 1: Integrated solutions for Water resources under future challenges

  • 16:00-19:00, 18 Oct., 2017
  • Meeting Room I (3F, Hohai Center)
  • This side event is organized by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), Haihe River Commission of China, Research Center for Climate Change of MWR and State Key Lab of Hydrology-Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering.
  • Session 1

    Chaired by Prof. Wang Guoqing

  • 16:00

    Welcome and Introduction from NHRI, HWCC and German participants

    Prof Yun Li

  • 16:10

    All in one – Integrated solutions on (water) resources and future challenges

    Christiane Walter

  • 16:25

    Ensembles of regional climate models: past–present–prospects

    Dr Christoph Menz

  • 16:40

    Quality assessment of hydrologic modeling – lessons learnt from the Guanting project

    Monsoon signatures in data of a German climate station – a predictability experiment

    Dr Peter Carl

  • 16:55

    Modelling nutrients under changing conditions

    Dr Andreas Gericke

  • 17:10

    Successful water quality management of large lakes – Lake Seddiner See (Brandenburg state)

    Jens Meisel

  • 17:25

    An economics perspective: Qualitative and quantitative analyses of natural resource use on the local and global levels

    Xiaoxi Wang 汪笑溪

  • 17:40

    Break and Discussion

  • Session 2

    Chaired by Jens Meisel

  • 17:55

    Managing water for sustainable utilization as China warms

    Prof. Wang Guoqing

  • 18:10

    Water utilization and management Strategies for Haihe River under changing climate

    Dr Wang Xiaojun

  • 18:25

    Water-Energy Nexus along Urbanization Process in China

    Prof. Xie Xinghua

  • 18:40

    HWCC: Challenges of runoff forecasting in Haihe River Basin and current countermeasures

    Yang Bang

  • 18:45

    Australia: Water Resources Assessment and Integrated continental water modelling system

    Dr Amgad Elmahdi

  • 19:00

    Wrap up and Close

    Jens Meisel