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The Side Event 2: Runoff change & adaptive exploitation

  • 08:45-18:00, 20 Oct., 2017
  • Room t.b.d. (Wentian Building, Hohai University)
  • This side event is sponsored by "Runoff Change and its Adaptive Management in the Major Rivers in Southwestern China", a project funded by the Major Research Plan of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. For more details of the project, please visit its homepage.
  • 08:45-08:50

    Opening and introductions

  • Chaired by

    Fuqiang TIAN

  • 8:50-9:20

    Runoff Responses and Hydrological Evolution Mechanism in the Yarlung Zangbo River Basin under Changing Environment

    Zongxue XU

  • 9:20-9:50

    Topic to be confirmed

    Ji CHEN

  • 9:50-10:10

    Topic to be confirmed

    Jiufu LIU

  • 10:10-10:30

    Tea break

  • Chaired by

    Xiaohong CHEN

  • 10:30-10:50

    Water cycle evolution and its response to climate change in the upper reaches of Nujiang river basin

    Denghua YAN

  • 10:50-11:10

    The interactions between the hydropower generation and the development of river wetland in the Lhasa river basin,China

    Tiesong HU

  • 11:10-11:30

    Water chemistry characteristics of the Yellow River source region, the northeastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau

    Xinghui XIA

  • 11:30-11:50

    An Improved Rainfall Product by Combining satellite-based rainfall and soil moisture data with densely rain gauge measurements

    Fuqiang TIAN

  • 12:00-14:00

    Lunch break

  • Chaired by

    Di LONG

  • 14:00-14:30

    A feedback real time correction method for water resource allocation

    Xiaohong CHEN

  • 14:30-15:00

    Abrupt changes of annual water level and its influence on navigable security in lower reach of Lanstang River

    Ping XIE

  • 15:00-15:20

    Carbon Emission from Cascade Reservoirs: Spatial Heterogeneity and Mechanisms

    Qiuwen CHEN

  • 15:20-15:40

    Historical potential evapotranspiration changes in Lancang River Basin and Yarlung Zangbo River Basin, Southwest China

    Yueping XU

  • 15:40-16:00

    Tea break

  • Chaired by

    Wei YANG

  • 16:00-16:20

    Impacts of Tibet Climate Change on Runoff Change of Asia

    Bin YONG

  • 16:20-16:40

    Evaluation TRMM rainfall data in hydrological modeling for an ungaged in Lhasa river basin

    Jintao LIU

  • 16:40-17:00

    Comparison of melting process and discharge of debris-free and debris-covered glaciers in the SE Tibetan Plateau

    Wei YANG

  • 17:00-17:20

    Glacier rivers dominate climate sensitivity of water resources over Tianshan Mountains

    Yanlong KONG

  • 17:20-17:40

    Contributions of snow and glacier meltwater to the total runoff of the Upper Brahmaputra River basin: A perspective of integration of multi-source remote sensing data and an improved hydrological model

    Di LONG

  • 17:40-18:00

    Closing ceremony

  • Note

    Session coordinators: Fuqiang TIAN, Xiaohong CHEN, Di LONG, Wei YANG